Teo’s Big Deal

The second in the Nursodian Tales series, available in the Amazon Kindle store here

When Kelm learned that local antique dealer Teo swindled a good friend out of his life’s savings for a “rare and valuable artifact”, he set out to right this grievous wrong.

Can Kelm’s mentor, the acolyte wizard Hein, help set things straight?

While this so-called “rare and valuable artifact” may be useless to his friend Toto, is it truly useless?

Will Kelm and his twin sisters get any closer to finding out what happened to their parents in the final battle of the Elvish Empire’s Great Conflict?

And, just who, or what, is the Zwoggle?

Find out in Teo’s Big Deal, the second in the Nursodian Tales series.

Twelve large full color illustrations, 8,000 words. A Nursodian Tale

(PS – don’t miss Kelm’s Revenge, the first in the Nursodian series, also in the Kindle store.)


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