As I noted on my welcome page, while I am an amateur singer/songwriter, that’s one part of my creative life that is not very digital. In fact, none of my own songs have been put in digital format, and only one performance of any kind by me has been put on YouTube (that’s a cover and is in the music software section of this blog). Further, since I have mostly worked as a single, accompanied only by my acoustic guitar, I don’t even have much in the way of electronic skills or experience to share. That said, I’d love to learn more about that side of music.

So, here’s my strategy: this segment of the music section of my blog is dedicated to sharing with my readers the many talented singer/songwriters I have had the honor of knowing over the past thirty years. I’ll give this a start, and add to it weekly. Please jump in with comments about my artists, sand share with us your favorite singer/songwriters.

As we do that, I suspect we’ll attract some folks who are very knowledgable about digital songwriting and production. I’d like them to contribute to a second segment of the music blog dedicated to free or low-cost digital tools you can use in the song creation/production process. I won’t be much help in that one at the start, so I’m relying on you all for guidance.

If this works out well, we’ll all learn about some great performers and about some useful tools! BTW, my definition of low-cost is $100 or less.


2 comments on “Singer/Songwriters

  1. The first real singer/songwriter I ever knew was the wonderful Lu Mitchell.

    I had played guitar singing covers for many years when I lived in Cleveland, but had never been involved in any community of performers. When I moved to Texas, I decided to join the Dallas Folk Music Society. Lu was the driving force, and, as it turned out, was a highly talented writer of satiric songs.

    Over the years, Lu has not only generated a large, nationwide fan base of her own, but has been instrumental in encouraging younger songwriters (including me) to spread their wings. Michael Martin Murphey is but one well known performer supported by Lu early on.

    Here’s the link to her site. Enjoy:

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