Kelm’s Revenge

Kelm’s Revenge – Available on Amazon’s Kindle store here.

The first in a series of Nursodian Tales.

Kelm wanted to get even with his big sister. If she could tell tales on him to her friends, he would tell tales on her. He never suspected his trip to the local gossip queen would turn their lives upside down, change who they were, and link them to the empire’s direst times.

Journey to Nursoda, a small province in the vast Elvish Empire. Join troublemaker Kelm, his straight laced sister Kali, sharp tongued Zlata (literally a living doll), musicians Hartmut and Malik, pub owner Koit, Hein the wizard, Eepo the elfin warrior and the local (and dysfunctional) school board as Kelm’s attempt at revenge reopens the mysteries surrounding the empire’s long unresolved Great Conflict.

Sixteen large full color illustrations, 7,400 words. A Nursodian Tale.

PS – Don’t miss Teo’s Big Deal, story two in the Nursodian Series, available now in the Kindle store.


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