Music Tools

As noted elsewhere, I am not very knowledgable regarding software for song composition and production. My hope is that my readers will jump in and provide that information.

To be specific, my use of digital tools for music is limited to recording and posting on YouTube a single cover performance of Mississippi John Hurt’s Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor. I captured the video on a Sony camera, simultaneously recording the audio on a 17″ MacBook Pro via the Apple GarageBand software that is bundled with every Mac. I then used Apple’s iMovie software (also bundled with all Macs) to add titles, transitions and sound effects, and to sync the GarageBand sound track with the video footage. The completed performance clip was then posted to YouTube directly from iMovie.

I did this years ago, and YouTube had more stringent limits on video resolution than are in place today. As a result, the image side of things is a bit fuzzy. The original footage was 1080p. Here’s the YouTube piece:

I hope to add performances of my own songs to YouTuibe in the future (I’ve had requests to do so), and will post them here as I do. In the meantime, jump in, post your own, discuss your software, how you wrote the song, etc.


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