Eddie is a programmer’s editor for MacOSX and Gnome Linux. Why would you want a programmer’s editor when you’re not a programmer? For me, as I became more and more familiar with the tools discussed in this blog, I found that most of them were even more useful if I learned a little bit about Python, or XML, or CSS, or JavScript, or Lua, or Unix and on and on.

I didn’t need to become an expert, just learn enough to get the job done. Eddie is a great tool for executing what you learn. For example, I used Eddie to do this.

Here’s the blurb from their site: “Inspired by the Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop, Eddie brings some of it’s powerful features into a modern lightweight and capable programmer’s editor. Eddie is ideal for C/C++/Obj-C development using makefiles and shell tools but can also be used with XCode projects. The Worksheet in Eddie is a full-featured shell that combines the power of bash and the ease of editing in a normal text window-like mode. Eddie is equally capable at editing HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua and many other languages.”

It’s that last sentence that was most important to me.

I know that there are similar programs for Windows, and others for Mac and Linux as well. Please blog about your favorites.

I intend to list free and low-cost training resources for each software package. This will come eventually, but if I wait until everything is complete, I’ll never go live with this blog.

In the meantime, please include your favorite training resources in your comments.


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