2 comments on “Reduce Image Render Time and Increase Control

  1. I find this technique fascinating. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I surely will at some point. It seems to me that Pose2Lux could even include an option to automate this – to render the scene multiple times, disabling all but one light each time. It’s possible to specify a trigger to cause Luxrender to stop rendering so we wouldn’t have to worry about ‘infinite’ renders.
    Interesting stuff!

  2. I suspect it would work better for some scenes vs others. I wonder how this would go if you combined the layer technique with SLG rendering? Lux might even beat Firefly!

    (For lurkers, SLG is an experimental offshoot of LuxRender (aka Small Lux) which, while not as mature as LuxRender, is blazingly fast. Firefly is the render engine that comes with Poser.)

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